A Full Package
Solar Solution

Get quickly without surprise an integrated energy solution for your home:

  • Clean energyproduced from your own solar panels

  • No big investmentto start

  • Gas &Powerincluded for when the sun doesn’t shine

  • Quick return of investmenton just few year

  • A monthly payment and invoicefor all the services

All of this on a comparable price of you current contract.



No intial

You have no big financial investment to make, the cost of the installation and the Solar panels is included in your monthly billing. You will own the Solar Panels System after few years ! We accompany you as long as there is sun!

All in
one invoice

Just one monthly invoice with all our services

  • Solar Panels Installation payment

  • Gas

  • Power when you need a little extra

All of this on a comparable price of you current monthly bill.

solar panels

Get the most advanced Solar Panel technology with Sunpower. High quality and long life guaranted. Unlike most solar companies, we design, engineer and manufacture every system that bears the SunPower name which is a company owned by Total.

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We handle all the technical installation of the Solar Panels with our Team. Get guaranteed to have the best work without surprise or malfunction! When you choose a SunPower® system, your home solar is backed by a premium brand and installed by a local expert. We partner with a nationwide network of certified solar installation contractors.

25 years

Feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most efficient and reliable solar panels backed by an industry-leading warranty. The Solar Panels are guaranteed for 25 years by SunPower.

Sunpower Certficate


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